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Rainland story

In 2016, inspired by the idea of creating individual perfumes, we founded the perfumery and cosmetics company.

2016 - we release the perfume line "Amber STRINGS" with natural Baltic amber inside.

2017 - Rainland creates the brand ACappella - the embodiment of individual perfumery art, where every person is a perfumer, a creator of one’s own fragrance.

In 2018 Rainland in collaboration with European manufacturing company launched home fragrance and car fresheners line ACappella

Rainland philosophy

Rainland brand was born on the shores of England - the country of rains and fogs. The very sound of Rainland is an impression: the music of the rain, the sea breeze, the soft whispers of the fogs, the breathing of the rainy earth, - are the smells of a blessed land that generates all kinds of fruits and gifts - everything that we can use in the collections of Rainland fragrances.

Rainland is a history of pure inspiration: inspiration with the most unique creations of nature in wanderings and travels.

Rainland is the philosophy of the seeker of a new, better one, which is reflected in the brand concept - searching for the unknown and creating unusual, unique scents.