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ACappella ART by Rain.land is the perfect discovery and a tool to design our memories. It’s a lot like music: it’s been brought together using individual notes.

ACappella ART offers a range of different notes available to combine when creating your individual scent. It’s easy to use and everyone can feel like a perfumer in a laboratory creating a powerful concoction.

“ACappellla Song of Songs” is dedicated to all those who are in love.

The set contains 4 x 20 ml bottles:
- A delicate sweetness of POMEGRANATE;
- Enticing and enchanting SPICES and INCENSE of an oriental merchant;
- A cool, unbridled MOUNTAINOUS RIVER and scent of a cedar;
- An IRIS VALLEY stretching to the horizon.

Have you ever felt like you really, truly are in a fairy tale? “Nutcracker” will create the ambience of a festive extravaganza.

The set contains 4 x 20 ml bottles:
- SUGAR PLUM. An intoxicatingly sweet, opulent, festive aroma.
- FAIRY. This playfully sweet fragrance entices like a handful of colourful candies.
- CHRISTMAS TREE. A festive, deep and fresh fragrance of a real Christmas tree.
- CRACKATOOK. A vivid, memorable cedar wood fragrance with a touch of ebony.

Lithuania isn’t just a place, it’s also a feeling — intangible, yet real, just like a fragrance: a sea of blossoming dandelions, that spreads to the horizon, a cooling shade of an old oak, wild strawberries, that melt in your mouth, and radiant amber, warm and cozy as sun - kissed dunes. This, indeed, is Lithuania.

“Costa Blanca” is an immersive journey to the warm Spanish coast, with its bright impressions and unique aromas.

The set contains 4 x 20 ml bottles:
- FIG TREE. A sensuous, enticingly sweet fragrance of a sprawling fig tree foliage.
- PUERTO. A fresh, warm and salty fragrance of the Mediterranean Sea resort piers.
- TURRÓN. A sweet, creamy flavour of the honey Turron with nuts and spices.
- ORANGE BLOSSOM. The intense, lasting aroma of an orange blossom - sweet as honey, with a touch of citrus bitterness.